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Flare 20


I shall now proceed to clog the tag, BUT! I come bearing the CONCLUDING PART of this adventure into firefighting, cat handling, and other things. I am exhausted, and I’m sure amatterofcomplication is tired, too, of my incessant “here’s the next part” emails. But she is the best reader/idea person one could ask for, because look! At the end, it’s a long story! (And it even has a lesson!) I am excite! Where it all began/led: amatterofcomplication's masterpost, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, and part 19.

Flare 20

“Breathing all right?”

“I couldn’t possibly judge. Are you?”

“I have no idea. Am I standing up, at least?”

“Your head seems to be its usual few inches above mine, so yes. Well done. Now all we have to do is walk in and do the deed.”

“Nobody said anything about walking. That is way too much to expect.”

“Is there an alternative?”

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hey. now is tomorrow. you asked to be reminded of your need to rant about merge with caution. :)





Thank you for reminding me! :D I’ve kept this message in my inbox so the reminder didn’t also get forgotten (because that would happen with me).

Okay, Merge With Caution. As absolutely hilarious as it was to see Pete and Myka swap bodies for an episode, and as disgustingly perfect as it was to watch them come out of that saga unscathed and still able to high five each other like the asshole, charm-bracelet-wearing besties that they are, there was some true atrocities in that episode. Specifically, in regards to Myka and her high school reunion and how that background story had absolutely nothing to do with her. I mean nothing. They could’ve used literally any other event as the backdrop and taught us just as little about Myka and her character. (In fact, if the event /didn’t/ have to do with Myka, they might have actually taught us more by accident of Joanne Kelly’s fabulous acting.) It was appalling. I was appalled. And here’s why. (Full disclosure, everything in this post is pulled from memory. I didn’t rewatch the ep for this rant because I already have two different WH13 rewatches planned for the near future.)

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tw: Nell Scovell




science side of tumblr, please explain Tatiana Maslany

Tatiana Maslany was born on September 22, 1985, which was the same day that the 37th Emmy awards were being held. Therefore, the infant Maslany, absorbed the Emmy energies of the day, into her little human-body at the exact moment that she was birthed, giving her the divine gift of acting. (Unfortunately, since she is made up of Emmy-power, receiving an Emmy would be irrelevant to the actor, for that she is more powerful than all the Emmys in all the world combined already).

Also, because Maslany is not only from Canada, but specifically, from the Canadian prairies, she possess a friendly, modest demeanour, which, when partnered with her goddess acting abilities, is a humbling combination that’s one-of-a-kind. As well as, because she is a female Canadian, she naturally falls under the hot-as-hell yet adorable-as-fuck category, which is known as the Joanne Kelly Phenomenon.

I hope this scientifically explains t-mas to you.

thank u science side




Bering and Wells Au

Part 1: Myka tells Pete she’s going to spend some time with HG in Wisconsin

seems legit

#*nods* #yes those are the facial expressions that would happen #Pete: But it’s HG! o_O #Myka: And I’m really in love with her. #Pete: *GDI she really is* #Pete: Lemme give you a police escort so you can get there faster. #Myka: What police escort? You’re not the police. #Pete: Yeah but I have lights I can use - real ones! Claudia sto- … got them. Legally. #Myka: Seriously??! You can’t tail me all the way to Wisconsin with an illegal police siren going. #Pete: I have a Secret Service badge if I get pulled over. Besides I’d be in front of you because it’s a police escort not a car chase. Myka: Pete no. You’re not following - #Pete: *stops abruptly* Wait do you have a boombox?! #Myka: What? #Pete: You need a boombox! How are you gonna play In Your Eyes without a boombox? #Myka: What?! o_O #and then she tells him that reference would be lost on both of them so no she’s not going to play In Your Eyes when she shows up in Wisconsin #but after she leaves Claudia hacks her phone and changes her ringtone to In Your Eyes #and then Pete tries to time his call so it’ll go off when Myka’s talking to HG #and it ~almost~ works out #except Myka hadn’t gotten out of the car yet but she knows what happened and what Pete tried to do #so she texts back a response: Not quite there yet #and Pete grumbles and pouts back at the warehouse: Dammit! #because he’s going to hear about that later and he didn’t even get the timing right #UG GH GH HHHHH - with his head tilted back and eyes rolled like an annoyed 13 year old (via amtrak12)

Flare 19


Yeah, as I’m sure anyone who knows me could have predicted, this is not the last part. Which is good or bad, depending on your perspective. Also, I have been told it contains some some pretty, undetailed steam. Or maybe it was pretty undetailed steam? Your call. Previousment:  amatterofcomplication's masterpost, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, and part 18. Edit: apologies to anyone who read this in the first couple hours it was up; there were a zillion typos. Fixed now, I hope.

Flare 19

“Can you breathe?”

It’s a question in the dark, a question that Helena feels she has to ask, has to keep asking, because Myka might not be able to, because of what happened in the hospital, because it might be too soon for this. But Pete and Amanda had left, and Helena had suddenly had Myka to herself, alone, with everything clear between them—or as close to clear as everything was likely to get—and she couldn’t keep herself from pouncing on Myka, practically as Dickens would, touching her and kissing her and trying to do everything else, all at the same time.

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You want weird tv episodes that you’ve never seen before? It’s probably been on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You want a musical episode? Buffy. An episode with no talking at all? Buffy. A good laugh about a demon-hunting dummy? Buffy. What about one where hyena ghosts posses high school students and then go eat their principle? Guess who. Just go watch Buffy you piece of shit.

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completely baffled by the word roleplay while simultaneously roleplaying as Alison